light it up.

New lighting can be a fairly inexpensive way to breathe some life into a tired space. There are so many lighting opportunities in every room. Table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps, ceiling lights, wall scones, etc., there are endless lighting combinations. I recently got three new lights for my condo – two for the living room and one for the eating area. All three are from Ikea!

In my condo, the living room area doesn’t have the wiring for an ceiling light. To combat sitting in the dark in the room that I use the most, I decided to buy two different lights to help brighten the space. Keeping in mind that the room is fairly small, I aimed to get two lamps that didn’t take up a lot of space, but that still provided a good amount of light, while also contributing to the overall decor of the room.


floor lamp.

The floor lamp I chose has a very small base – it is a square base that is six inches by six inches. This made the lamp perfect for fitting in a corner behind a chair. This lamp came with a lamp shade (so great for the wallet!) but provides the option to switch the shade (which will be great in a few months when I get bored of the current one!).


table lamp.

The table lamp I choose for the living room is a little more fun. The lamp base is made of glass – I found this to be a great choice for a small space because you can see though it, almost like the lamp doesn’t actually exist. For the shade, I decided to get one that was a little different but one that I think is fun. The shade has a punched out pattern that allows light to shine through and leaves a neat light pattern on the wall behind it.


LED chandelier.

Finally, in the eating area, I decided to get an LED chandelier. With an LED light, I am saving energy (and money!), but when the lights burn out there is no option to replace them. This light has over 22,000 hours of light time so I am hoping it will last me a few years! I went with a chandelier that is a little fun and a lot different than what I have seen in other condos.