Thanksgiving is less of a ‘holiday’, and more of a ‘time of year’ for me (although I do love having the day off work). It’s a time to see family, reconnect with friends, and a reminder to enjoy the little moments that otherwise get brushed under the rug. I love that Thanksgiving isn’t as commercialized as other national holidays – there are no presents, no pressure and no high expectations.

Historically, Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates the annual harvest and the good things that happened over the past year.¬†While I’m not a farmer, I am thankful for the plentiful amounts of fresh food that is grown right here in Ontario. One of my favourite Thanksgiving activities is going to Farmer’s Markets – whether it be my staple St. Lawrence Market, or markets farther away like St. Jacobs. There is something satisfying about buying your food right from the farmer who grew it – and there is always great flowers at these markets.


A lovely reminder to be thankful everyday – taken on Queen St. W.

Below are a few (of the many) things I am thankful for this year.



As you get older, making and keeping friends gets harder. The distances grow larger, lives get busier and priorities changes. I always try to prioritize making time for my friends – regardless of how busy other aspects of my life get. Knowing a solid support group is only a phone call or a text away is priceless.



This cat.

Right now, I am fostering this little bub. He was abandon outside of an animal services building in Toronto. Since moving downtown alone, I had been wanting to get a pet, but I had never had a cat before and felt my condo was too small for a puppy. So, I decided to foster a kitten through Toronto Cat Rescue. He has brought a lot of smiles to my day – I will be sad to see him eventually leave, but I know he will make a family really happy.


The Jays.

I love sports. While baseball isn’t my favourite sport (I am a Leafs girl through and through), having a Toronto team finally make the playoffs for something has been amazing. This team has united Toronto in a way that I haven’t seen in a long time.

What are you thankful for this year?

xx jamie.